Our knowledge base spans many different areas of technology...

Languages & Databases

  • Smartphone apps
    • Android (Java)
    • iOS (Objective-C)
  • Microsoft Access
    • VBA
    • Complex Sub-Reporting
    • Queries - SQL
    • Forms
    • Integration w/SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET
    • ASP.NET
    • VB.NET console applications
    • Integration w/SQL Server
  • HTML 5
    • Offline database support for tablets and smart phones
    • Database Integration (Access, SQL Server, SQLite)

  • Web Development
    • AJAX
    • Javascript
    • JQuery
    • PHP
    • MySql
    • CSS
    • ASP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Transact-SQL
    • Data Transformation Service (DTS)
    • Query Analyzer
    • Enterprise Manager
    • SQL Server Agent
    • Linked Servers

Analysis & Design
With experience in object oriented technologies, we can help with the analysis, design and development of your business systems needs, building robust and efficient modules.
We have experience with MS SQL Server, Sybase and MS Access, including development of stored procedures, database functions, and triggers.
Development, Testing and Delivery
G Business Systems will develop the software using as much object oriented technology as possible for efficiency. We thoroughly test our modules to assure efficiency and accuracy. Upon delivery of the product, we will work with the end user to ensure full understanding of the software's functionality.