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G Business Systems LLC, established in 1999, is a fully insured IT software development company. We support clients throughout the US and internationally with custom software solutions that meet the specific requirements of any business, small or large. Specialties include web development, calendar and scheduling solutions and building stand-alone, web-based and mobile applications.

Dan Gustavsen, Founder & Owner

Our clients span a variety of industries, including Auto, Accounting, Banking, Broadcast Entertainment, Energy, Food Services, Home Builders, Insurance, Livery, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Private Investigation, Publishing, Telecom and others.

Dan was hired to provide guidance on moving a large amount of Access data to a SQL server platform for Finance and Accounting. This involved a large amount of Access and SQL server development. His biggest challenge was trying to get the Accountants and Finance people to trust his development while leaving the reporting and tools that they had developed.

Dan exceeded expectations on this. He did not just do what was expected, but used his knowledge to provide better reporting which eliminated multiple steps involving Excel work. Dan was very good at his design, delivery and timeliness; he was given additional work as in other areas as a result of his successes.

One of his additional projects involved combining data from multiple platforms into one central database to get robust reporting for projects. This involved with working with multiple teams and redesigning previously designed scopes based on each team’s need.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Dan for any SQL migration and or Access design projects. He was truly an asset to our organization.

Capital One

Client Manager

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